We have some great events planned for October!

On Saturday, October 15, we will hold the event: Durham, NC, History and Culture Walking Tour and Lunch. Join us as we walk through the city of Durham’s fascinating history, starting with its central role in the global tobacco business, 1860s-1950s. We meet at Durham’s renowned Farmer’s and Craft’s Markets, allowing you to sample and browse 50+ local farmers and crafters. We walk the same streets as Martin Luther King, past a coffee shop visited by Barack Obama, telling of Black innovation and perseverance. Our path takes us by majestic buildings—Art Deco, NeoClassical, Renaissance—now centers of innovation and groundbreaking ideas. We hear tales of the Dukes, their fortune, and their contribution to New Durham. Finally, lunch on the shaded patio of a singular restaurant, once home to a car dealer. The group will meet at 9:30 AM for introductions and to browse the Farmer’s Market prior to the tour, which will begin at 10:00 AM. The 75 minute tour will be followed by a patio lunch at Geer Street Garden. Find details about registration in our calendar.

On Saturday, October 22, from 12:00-2:00 pm, we will offer The Art of Resilience: A Driving Tour of Asheville, NC, with Hood Huggers International. History. Art. Poetry. Music. Community green spaces. Vivid voices. Grassroots initiatives. The past, present, and future of African Americans in Asheville is a story of resilience. Learn about this powerful story on this Hood Huggers International Tour. Explore Asheville’s historically African American neighborhoods: Burton St. Community, Downtown, and East End Valley. Artist, poet and visionary DeWayne Barton leads this intimate, interactive experience that is guaranteed to leave you looking at this mountain town with new eyes. Registration details are in our calendar.